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I’m a young married man living in Chattanooga, TN, where I currently work for Text Request, a local group that provides a platform allowing businesses and individuals to communicate back-and-forth via text messaging.  Soon after graduating from Covenant College, I realized I had lost a sizable outlet for my thoughts and passions. Having gone from reading textbooks and writing papers everyday from 6th grade through college, to doing nothing of the sort, there was a very clear and vast void in my daily activities that needed to be filled.  Thus, I started Kennetic Expression – a way for me to constructively articulate my thoughts on what I read and do.

Content on Kennetic Expression, as on any personal blog, varies based on the activities and passions of a particular day.  For example, I might write about communication trends, and how Text Request can help businesses increase profits.  Or I might review a book I’ve recently read.  Or I might write on a relevant social issue.  I have backgrounds in outdoor and wilderness activities, psychology, financial planning, music, and business, so it’s only natural for the subject matter on my personal blog to be as diverse.  My ultimate goal is to produce content that captivates audiences and brightens even the darkest of days.  I sincerely appreciate your support in checking out my site, and hope I will be a positive influence, however small, in your life.


Kenneth D. Burke


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